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At FARE, we’re proud of what we achieve as a team every day, working towards an Australia free of alcohol harms, where families are safe, healthy and well, and where communities have a say in the role that alcohol plays in their lives. 

Sadly, right now: 

  • Every 90 minutes an Australian dies from alcohol-caused disease or illness 
  • Every 3 and a half minutes someone is hospitalized because of alcohol 
  • And one in 10 Australians who drink alcohol meet the criteria for an alcohol use disorder. 

Alcohol contributes to so much harm, injustice, disadvantage and inequality in our society – including homelessness, family and domestic violence, disability and chronic disease – and much of this is preventable.  

We believe families, children and communities deserve better than this – and we know we can make a difference.  

Together with our community – we are creating lasting change by:  

  • Ensuring our laws, policies and programs prioritise everyone’s health and wellbeing  
  • Amplifying the voices of people who have a lived experience of alcohol harm with decision makers  
  • Sharing credible health information and helpful resources about alcohol 

Can you join us to make our vision a reality?

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Did you know that you can support FARE by enabling your team to make regular donations through workplace giving? 

Workplace giving allows your team to make a regular donation from their pre-tax income, reducing their taxable income and also supporting the important work we’re doing to build a future free from alcohol harm. It’s easy to set up and is a great way to connect your staff to the community as part of your corporate social responsibility. 

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You can also read this helpful guide from Workplace Giving Australia, which steps through the process you need to take to enable workplace giving through your internal payroll system.  

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